sold Today! 1990 SW Del Rio, Port St Lucie, FL 34953

Now THAT is Attitude for ya!

Congratulations to our buyers the Hoffman’s who will be building a home n the Oak Hammock area of Port St Lucie, FL 34953 on this great corner lot.

Location – Location!  EZ access to I-95, Crosstown Parkway, St Lucie West and Traditon.  Oak Hammock Park is a few moments away and offers picnic areas, a boat ramp, play ground and fishing – Plus hiking trails.

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St Lucie Home Prices continue to Rise – Market Update

St Lucie Real Estate Market Update

Team Albert KW Port St Lucie

Home prices continue the increase due to buyer demand.  Median and average sales prices of single family homes rose nearly 19%.  Meanwhile, median days on market dramatically dropped to 35 days.

These  indicators will influence both bueyrs and sellers to take advantage of our real estate market.  Some sellers are waiting for prices to rise further before putting their homes on the market in St Lucie.

The City of Port St Lucie has been features in several national news sources.  Recently Bloomberg Business names the City of Port St. Lucie as one of the leading cities in the nation to see economic growth in 2016.  They also have commented on Port St Lucie being a great place to retire: Click here for the article that named us a afforadable place to retire

The following data from my website is a graph of the Median List Prices, Active Listing Volume and Absorption Rate to give you an overall indicator of our real estate market.

source:  My real estate Flex MLS home page report

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Why I love where I live in Florida

Port St Lucie Florida is located on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  I have lived here over half of my life.  I was born and raised in Charleston, SC.  When I moved here over 30 years ago, the population was about 30,000.  Now we have expanded to over 100,000!  Not only do we have beautiful beaches, we also have Spring Training for the NY Mets, a wonderful botanical garden, PGA Golf Courses 9 5 of them, Oak Hammock Park.  Both I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike run thru our city.  We are located 45 minuets north of Palm Beach and 1.5 hour south of Disney World in Orlando.


I am lucky enough to be a Real Estate Agent.  I can not think of a better place to be selling homes than in Port St. Lucie Florida and I am with one of the best companies in the world – Keller Williams of Port St. Lucie thrives on agent interaction, mutual cooperation, professionalism and every one lending a helping hand when ever possible.

I Love living and working in Port St. Lucie!  I am very lucky to be here.

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Selling Your Home? How to Get the Most you Possibly Can

The single biggest issue on most homesellers’ minds when selling their home is how to achieve the highest sale price. And yet most homeowners feel disadvantaged and ill-equipped to achieve this goal. Pricing a home is an imperfect science to begin with, and market factors can cause large swings. So can the skill of the person responsible for negotiating.

However, negotiating effectively doesn’t have to be as difficult or scary as you would expect. Like anything else, if you have a proven system to follow – and know the signals and the language – you can successfully cause the tables to turn in your favour. Who better to borrow these skills from than professional negotiators who daily sit across the table to try to outbargain their opponent.

The system these professionals follow has been outlined in a new FREE special report for homesellers which outlines the 4 most common mistakes most homesellers make when negotiating the price they will sell their home for. One area resident credits his knowledge gained from the information revealed in this free special report with netting him thousands more than his original list price.

Order this report NOW to ensure you get the highest price you can when you sell your home.

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Tradition 34987 – Newest 55 Plus Community breaks ground!

Lake Park at Tradition

Find Your Place in a celebrated new lifestyle!

Lake Parc, the new Minto community located in Tradition is breaking ground. There are 2 bedroom plus den villas and  3 bedroom homes slated for the new development and many beautiful home sites to choose from. They include preserve, lake, and open areas, sidewalks.

Maintenance free living is yours as you enjoy the Tradition lifestyle.  This is a master planned pedestrian friendly community.  Select from elegant architectural appointments, covered entry and screened lanai, decorative garage coach lighting, brick paved drives and entry walkway with covered entry are just a sample of appointments.

*  Convenient to shopping, services and transportation

*  Quality Energy Efficient Homes

*  Single Family and Villa Floor Plans

*  The Minto Unique Master Care Quality Assurance Program

*  New Tradition Medical Center

*  100 acre  Regional Park scheduled for near future

*  The Landings of Tradition LA Fitness (Gold Tennis Shoes), Target, MORE

*  Town Hall and Town Square with Day Spa, Restaurants and Publix Grocery

Feel free to ask for further information and….

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A Tragic Accident – How the Treasure Coast got its name

The Treasure Coast Treasure on display

Why we are called The Treasure Coast, Exhibit returns – Island Condos on Hutchinson Island, St Lucie County Condos for Sale

Three hundred years ago, a fleet of treasure-laden ships crashed on the shore between Sebastian and northern Martin County.

In 1715, the newly married king of Spain, Philip V, ordered two loaded treasure fleets to return to Spain immediately.

Queen Elisabeth would not consummate the marriage until her treasures, which included chests full of jewelry such as a 74-carat emerald ring, a heart of 130 pearls, and a rosary of pure coral, were in hand.

Two separate fleets set sail, one of five ships, known as the New Spain Flota, loaded with gold, silver and emeralds from Mexico; the other, a convoy of six vessels known as the Tierra Firme, carrying chests of silver and gold and pearls from South America, convened in Havana, Cuba to regroup, restock and combine forces for the long voyage back to Spain. A French warship, the Grifon, sailed with the fleet as a patrol ship to protect against piracy.

The flotilla set sail for Spain at sunrise July 24, 1715. The estimated value of its cargo between $200 million and $1 billion in today’s dollars.

It was five days of smooth sailing for the almost 2,500 people on board as the fleet slowly sailed on gentle breezes and the natural currents of the Gulf stream. Experienced officers and crew members sensed the proverbial calm before the storm July 29, when winds became so placid, the majestic ships were almost still in the gray sea -captains’ logs tell of a strange silence.

Through the night, the storm encroached and the swells and winds grew stronger. The massive wooden vessels groaned and creaked as they dipped and rolled. Cargo was jarred loose and rolled about the decks. The next day the skies grew dark by early afternoon. Visibility was so poor, the fleet lit its lanterns to try to guide each other into the wind, away from the storm and clear of the jagged reef and shoals of our coast. They were unsuccessful.

Before sunrise on July 31, the storm hit the fleet full force, all sunk except for the Grifon, which strayed from the official course early on and survived, the entire fleet was lost. Accounts vary, but between 700 to 1,000 people died that night.

As dawn broke, the hurricane was over and the estimated 1,500 survivors tried to assess the scope of the catastrophe. Wreckage and lifeless bodies were strewn along 70 miles of the beaches we now enjoy. At the time, our shore was desolate, home to nothing more than rattlesnakes, disease-carrying mosquitoes and Ais Indians.

It was the end of August when several ships loaded with supplies and equipment began salvage efforts.

Most of the treasure ships had wrecked in shallow enough waters for free divers to recover some of chests full of gold, silver and other riches. Word spread about the recovery and pirates also came to our coast.

The salvage operation was abandoned in 1719. Accounts of the recovery of the king’s treasure vary from 30 to 80 percent.

Experts believe two thirds of the bounty remained on our beaches.


Much of this story went untold until the early 1960s, when Kip Wagner, an Indian River County resident and amateur beachcomber, recovered a silver coin known as a piece of eight from the 1715 fleet near the Sebastian Inlet. Wagner did extensive research on the doomed fleet and, with the help of the Spanish Archives, began to tell the story.

Wagner formed a salvage crew with famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher and by the end of 1964 they had brought up about $3 million in gold and silver coins, jewelry and artifacts from wreck sites in Sebastian and Fort Pierce.

Professional treasure hunters continue salvage efforts today finding gold, silver, cannons, porcelain and other items from seven known wreck sites.

Amateur treasure hunters continue to have success with metal detectors along the dune lines of our beaches. Steve Carr, a retired firefighter/paramedic and part-time history teacher, has found more than 1,000 artifacts over 30 years.

He found 14 coins on a St. Lucie County beach as recently as last winter.  Take a walk on our beautiful beaches after a storm – Who knows what YOU may find?

source note: FrankMesmer, who has been studying the disaster for 30 years and is a docent at the House of Refuge Museum in Stuart and the author of two historic novels. this informaiton published in the Tribune, Travel Today Section July 5, 2015 – Editor Ginny Beaga

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